Message of the Managing Director:

“TTBP Consulting Engineers Co.” was established and registered with the Office for Registration of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutes in the Iranian calendar year 1386 (2007 – 2008) with the objective of giving engineering services to the industrial and development community of the country and it started its activities in the frame of the following subjects:

This Engineering Company is prepared to carry out the demands of its customers and employers by using the expert manpower, proper updated hardware and software facilities as well as by applying their valuable knowledge of engineering acquired through the performance of great construction projects such as the multi-purpose “Milad Tower” of Tehran, the great bridge of “Lali”, metro stations and tunnels, development of the terminal of “Imam Khomeini” (may God bless his soul) Airport, “Kazerun” Combined Cycle Power Station, “Marun” concrete oil storage, etc. It is capable of offering high profile engineering services while being committed to quality and time of handing over the projects in order to fulfill the requests of its customers and clients.

The Managing Director of the company feels committed to define the company’s activities in accordance with the managerial standards and follow the strategies given below to protect and improve the company:

  • Quality management system continuous improvement to attract customer’s satisfaction more and more day by day , also company’s stakeholders and other beneficiaries to utilize the world quality standards
  • To achieve better criterions in the business unit
  • To produce the best quality products
  • Adaptation with all rules and standards in the company ‘s activities and other related  international and national commitments

Regarding to system efficiency and continuously improvement and also to achieve the above mass goals , keeping the customers’ company’s stakeholders’ and other beneficiaries’  reliability ,trust  and satisfaction, is mandatory for the company. therefore company manager is  determined  to commit the above goals and as well supplying and developing the required resources ,to value this trust and assure that all staff and suppliers of the company , understand the mentioned goals  and will perform their delegated duties in the best way .

TTBP Consultant engineering Co. has tried to implement    and plan the  procedures and goals based on new management systems and patterns .so the company’s  strategic planning  is created  regarding to environments conditions and known risks and will be followed up in yearly plans.

Despite the company is a new established one , it has been overcome all its commitments  in the best way and has attracted the main employer’s positive point  so that we can see more projects in metro plans.

With Thanks,

Mahmood Ketabchi