Tehran Metro

Tehran Metro

Line 3 of Tehran metro, the longest metro line in Middle East, is opened to public with the presence of the president, Ayatollah Hassan Rouhani.

The northern part of line 3 was the biggest technical, executive and financial metro project in 2015 and was completed by Boland Payeh Co.

In the opening ceremony of northern part of line 3 of Tehran metro and with the presence of Mr. Pour Mohammadi, justice minister, Mr. Nahavandian,

president’s secretary and Mr. Hashemi, governor of Tehran, remaining 18 km of 37km line 3 was opened to public to make line 3 the longest metro line in Middle East.

Line 3 of Tehran metro increased capacity of Tehran metro by 1 million passengers per day and had construction cost of about 2 billion Rials.