Bojnourd Garrison

  • Client: Iran Army
  • Project location: Bojnourd
  • Design start date: 2014 Oct
  • Construction start date: 2015 May
Bojnourd Garrison



EPC Constractor : 

Bolandpayeh CO.

Bojnourd garrison is a military installation and defense force station in north Khorasan state. According to the Law on Stationing Troops in the center of each state in Iran, the mission of this garrison is to defend the special administrative region by “preventing and resisting aggression; safe-guarding the security of north Khorasan state; undertaking defense services; managing military facilities; and handling related foreign militar y affairs.” The Bojnourd garrison can also be called upon by the chief executive to help maintain public order and assist with disaster relief efforts. The Bojnourd Garrison is under the command and control of the Central Military Commission, and its budget is administered by the national military army of Iran. Camp Bojnourd land comprises about 220 hectare of a mountainous region. TTBP proposed in 2015 the project layout including total building area allocates 58 ha. of the site according to work flow and security considerations and in compliance with passive defense obligations. The complex comprises of head quarter buildings, administrative buildings, sport complex etc