Dr Shariati Specialized Hospital

  • Client: Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  • Project location: Tehran, Iran
  • Design start date: 2016 Apr
  • Construction start date: 2016 Dec
Dr Shariati Specialized Hospital

Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Tender issue

This hospital, as a specialized hospital and the largest trauma Center in the country, under the conservative safe-keeping of the hospital is under construction with the aim of improving the quality of medical equipment and increasing the access of Tehran citizens to health care in the 22nd district of Tehran.
The project was funded by the Islamic Development Bank and the consultant's services have been in the tender process.
The goals of this project include the construction of a modern hospital and Based on a future with visual charm as a new generation of hospitals.
Also, the human environment of the project, will have high architectural values, whether inside or outside the building.