Homa Airplane Hangar

  • Client:  Iran Air CO
  • Project location: Tehran,Iran
  • Design start date: 2009 Jul
  • Construction start date: 2009 Nov
Homa Airplane Hangar



EPC Constractor:

Boland Payeh company

Project status up to now:



 Airplane hangar and annex for Homa Airline (IranAir) located in IKIA Airport is an air bus maintenance and protection hangar with the plan dimensions of 70x67.5m and a clear height of 20m. This hangar is the first to be designed and built entirely based on the engineering knowledge and experience, and the technological abilities available within the country. TTBP was responsible for the design check (and possible improvements), structural assessment of the proposed roof system and quality control of the whole procedures of design and construction. Homa Hangar is regulated by the Iranian building codes and jurisdictions and airports standards. The project design proccess was started on 2009 and completed right now.