IKIA Passengers'Terminal Development

  • Client: IAC CO
  • Project location: Tehran,Iran
  • Design start date: 2009 Sep
  • Construction start date: 2015 Oct
IKIA Passengers



EPC Constractor:

Boland Payeh company

Project status up to now:



 Engineering, Procurement & Construction of Imam Khomeini Airport Terminal Passenger in 2009 was awarded to Bolandpayeh. Then TTBP took the responsibility of this project engineering ser vices. This project’s scope of works consists of Imam Khomeini Airport Terminal, development of administration and customs buildings, construction of powerhouse of lateral building and a restaurant.The second terminal which is the Salam Terminal, is currently completed, with a capacity of 5 million passengers per year. West transit lounge (level +8.00) of Imam Khomeini Airport, with 21000 m2 area has opened to public in 2016 and ready for being used by passengers