Mehrabad Airport Car Parking

  • Client: Ministry of Roads and Urban-Country airports company
  • Project location: Tehran
  • Design start date: 2012 Mar
  • Construction start date: 2014 Jul
Mehrabad Airport  Car Parking



EPC Constractor:

Boland Payeh company

Project status up to now:

Under Construction


Design process of Mehrabad airport multi-stories car park was started in 2012 by TTBP. This project is a building with the total area of 85,000 sq. meters which is located north of terminals 1 and 2 and in the western vicinity of the current steel-structure multi-story car park building and Mehrabad subway station. The car park lot accommodates almost 2700 vehicles in 7 stories. The building is situated in a site with an area of about 12000 sq. meters. The architecture team uses two main strategies to create the façade, the open view on the east side covered by advertising board without any limitation on internal and external communication and closed view on the west and north side covered by special louver. On the southern side, the commercial building is located with a smooth connecting curve which runs throughout the face. In this part of façade, TTBP architects tr y to focus on how people interact with the building that causes a human wave.