Milan Expo

  • Client: BIE
  • Project location: Milan,Italy
  • Design start date: 2015 Dec
  • Construction start date: 2015 Dec
Milan Expo


 conceptual design


Competition issue


 TTBP participated in Milan Expo project in 2015 and were awarded the third place. The main goal of this exhibition is interactions with the objective of developing human relationships, global peace and hope for the future. Meanwhile, The Expo is an opportunity for every nation to present itself to the world as it is.A new image in order to define a new relationship with the world. The exhibition space in Milan Expo can be a multi-layered space with varied functions. The diversity in terms of gender, activities and contacts, can be compared to Iranian market. Iranian markets and related activities constitute the core of the city, the main route and its linear form. In total, bazaar consists of a main body or Rasteh (District of the bazaar) and the buildings attached to it. These orders are sometimes direct or sometimes organic form, it is possible to find different branches, suddenly it reaches the Charsoo (four sides) and Timcheh and Sara (hall) or from a small port we reach to adult and youth education center or Carvansaray which we find all of these spaces in terms of both scale and detail better and richer than bazaar. The combination of open and closed spaces creates an appropriate visual diversity in the market space. An environment which is necessary to enable people to interact with. Market architectural monuments linked with imperfect and incomplete it captures off an environment requires the active engagement of people. Iranian bazaar is not a shopping center, it is an urban movement, part of people’s daily lives and part of their social life. Architecture of Bazaar is an organic movement that crawls like a snake in the context of Iranian structure and creates the best correlation with a set of cities and the natural environment. There are so many social movements arising from Iranian bazaar, not only in dealing with the surroundings, but the interior. Audiences has established a deep relation between the whole and its parts. This means assimilation and integration of components to the whole rather than the parts Like many architectural monuments in Iran in which form and function are one and inseparable.