Shahid Beheshti Mosque

  • Client: SHahid Beheshti University Of Medical Science
  • Project location: Tehran,Iran
  • Design start date: 2015 May
  • Construction start date: 2016 Dec
Shahid Beheshti Mosque



Project status up to now: 



 Shahid Beheshti University of medical science decided to build a mosque as the monument of the campus in 2016. Therefore, architectural team tried to avoid designing a routine mosque but succeeded to combine traditional architecture of Iran’s mosques with modern designs to create a contemporary mosque. Even so, TTBP Architects have set out to prove that it is possible to design a modern mosque that speaks to the younger Islamic generation while respecting those age-old traditions. The design proposal for this building is based on two principles,symbolism and functionality. The main idea inspired by the use of dome in Islamic architecture prominent in mosques, displaying a sculptural form of a dome in a felicitous mix of Persian and Islamic styles. Transformed more cramped, dimly lit religious chambers in to vast interiors that have a weightless quality. This weightlessness is enhanced by the use of numerous windows on domes, which allow natural light to pour through and create lighting effects on the dome ceilings, as well as accent and emphasize different parts of the interior surfaces. The mosque is designed on one floor and 1000 square meters area.