Deralok dam and hydropower plant

  • Client: Regional Ministry of electricity in Kurdistan
  • Project location: Iraq, Kurdistan, Duhok, Deralok
  • Design start date: 2016 Oct
  • Construction start date: 2016 Oct
Deralok dam and hydropower plant

Farab & Boland Payeh jointventure

Design and quality control and assurance services

Under construction

Deralok hydropower plant with the capacity of 38.6 M. W is located in Kurdistan region of Iraq, Duhok province, Deralok city. This project is a part of a huge plan to supply the power requirement of Dohuk province. The project consist of 3 major parts; dam body and spillways, water transition path and powerhouse area.
The dam body is on great Zaab River. This River with 400 kilometer long is located in the west plateau of Iran, which originated from the southeast mountains of Turkey, and after passing from the west Zagros in northern Iraq, it falls to Tigris River near Mosul.
In this Contract, Tarh va Tose'e Bolandpayeh consulting Engineers are responsible for detailed studies of infrastructure installation and civil and also assurance and quality control of processes and construction activities.
Currently, the construction physical process is almost's expected that, this project would finish in 2020.

The technical specification summary of the project is as follows:

Dam type: flow concrete
High from foundation: 29 m
High from floor: 26 m
Crown length: 119 m
Crown wide: 5.5 m
Crown level: 640m above mean sea level
Concrete volume: 200 thousand cubic meters
Deviation system: dike creation (2 phases)
Power plant type: Radial Kaplan turbine
Total capacity: 8/37 megawatt
Number of units: 2 units
Turbine type: Kaplan turbine
Nominal speed of turbine: 142/86 RPM
Turbin axis level: 605/50 meter above mean sea level
Designing head: 17 meter
Debye design of Generators: 120/56 cubic meters per second
Output power of generators: 23/15 megavolt ampere
Type of Transmission lines: 50 frequency hertz and 132 kilo volt
Number of output lines: two lines