About TTBP

TTBP Consultant Engineering Co. with the aim of collecting, specialization, productivity increase, recording and save and settling Bolandpayeh Company’s knowledge, has been serving as an independent consulting unit-while named as consulting engineers company, in the fields of design, research and manufacturing management projects, project controlling and planning, observing design operations, processing, supporting and manufacturing, management consultation, editing trading layouts, technical and economic feasibility and layout management, since 1386. For the time being, the main priority of this consultant engineering firm is providing the basic needs of consultation services and engineering at Bolandpayeh Company and then participating in industrial, constructional, and infrastructural internal and international projects. Currently, TTBP is active in the following main fields:

  • Engineering Services
  • Supervision Services
  • Management Consulting Services
  • Design-Build Project Management
  • Contract Management Services (MC)
  • Project Control and Planning Services
  • Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies