Ghodoosi Complex

  • Client: Shahr Atieh co
  • Project location: SHiraz, Iran
  • Design start date: 2015 Dec
  • Construction start date: 2016 Feb
Ghodoosi Complex

Tender Issue

Shiraz is regarded as one of the oldest cities of ancient Persia, one of the leading centers of art, poets, literature and traditional creative buildings that reveal complex geometrical relationships, a studied hierarchy of form and ornament and great depths of symbolic meaning. The crafts of Shiraz consist of inlaid mosaic work of triangular design(a genius for decoration with a freedom and success not rivaled in any other architecture); silver-ware; pile carpet-weaving and weaving of Kilim with geometrical and abstract patterns, called gilim and jajim in the villages and among the tribes. In 2016, TTBP architectural design team respected the artistic soul of this city and tried to connect the spirit of the conceptual design to ancient art and traditional architecture of Shiraz. Therefore, architectural team designed a geometrical and repetitive forms in Facade, as well as surfaces that are richly decorated with glazed tiles. Lozenge shaped architectural ornaments has made an unique diamond pattern on the façade that reminds an abstract interpretation of brilliant glazed tile works of Nasirolmolk mosque in Shiraz. Shiraz complex total area is approximately 11,000 sq. meters, 14 stories besides 3 parking stories